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Course on combating cash smuggling in Central America

Panama, March 3, 2021. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean (UNODC ROPAN), through the global program AIRCOP, collaborated with the Global Programme against Money Laundering, Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing for the implementation of the course on combating cash smuggling, aimed at customs officials, border patrol agencies, intelligence, criminal and financial investigators, law enforcement and criminal justice agents involved in investigations and prosecutions for money laundering in Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

The objective of this training is to raise awareness of the public security threats arising from money laundering through trade operations, as well as to strengthen the capabilities of law enforcement and fiscal authorities to detect, investigate and prosecute money laundering through trade in a much more effective manner.

The webinar addressed the main concepts related to money laundering through the physical transportation of cash across international borders. Presenters educated participants on the following topics:

  • How cash smuggling and bearer negotiable instruments (BNI) correlate to money laundering;
  • The specific, risk-based approaches to monitoring the physical transportation of cash through passenger traffic;
  • Requirements, challenges and opportunities offered by cooperation between the public and private sectors;
  • International best practices for the detection of cross-border cash transportation and BNI.