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Course on the services of the Office for the Protection of Witnesses and the Directorate of Criminal Analysis of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Guatemala

Guatemala City, 6 August 2019. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Guatemala (UNODC), in the framework of the project "Consolidation and decentralization of strategic criminal prosecution in the Public Prosecutor's Office in Guatemala", conducted training on the services of the Office of Witness Protection and the Directorate of Criminal Analysis of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Guatemala.

The activity was aimed at twenty-seven section prosecutors as well as the head of the Permanent Attention Office, twenty-four district prosecutors and eight municipal prosecutors.

Throughout this activity, the Directorate of Criminal Analysis covered topics such as the contribution of tactical criminal analysis and its contribution to the detection of criminal organizations in complex cases, as well as the contribution of strategic criminal analysis and its consequent understanding of criminal phenomena.

In addition, the contribution of the analysis of information related to computer media, communication and communication networks used in the commission of cybercrime was reported.

The importance of financial analysis was also explained, with emphasis on cases of corruption, money laundering and computer crimes, among others.

Finally, the analysis of cases related to violence against women, femicide and the functioning of the National Registry of Sexual Offenders was presented.
For its part, the Office of Witness Protection (OWP), within the framework of its objective of providing comprehensive protection to witnesses at imminent risk because of their involvement in criminal proceedings, covered admission processes and the assessment of the level of risk. The Deputy Director of the OWP explained who within the office is responsible for the protected subject and the different options for terminating the protection programme.

With the support of UNODC, the OWP has received technical assistance for policy reforms, operational tactical training, risk analysis, shelter security, operational guidelines and psychosocial witness care, among other aspects.

The objective of this training is to emphasize the critical impact of criminal analysis and the proper functioning of a protection office to strengthen the judicial system and ensure the consolidation and prosecution carried out by the Public Prosecutor's Office.
This course was carried out thanks to the Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) in Guatemala.