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Criminal Analysis Specialization Course Graduation Ceremony

Guatemala City, July 4, 2019. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean (UNODC ROPAN) through its office in Guatemala carried out a graduation ceremony for the Criminal Analysis Specialization Course, within the Project "Increasing access to Justice for Women, Children and Indigenous People".

The objectives of this specialization was to strengthen the capacity of Criminal Analysis of the National Civil Police for connecting cases, identification of criminal phenomena as well as contributing to criminal prosecution.

The study program for this course was developed jointly between the Police School for Specialties, Department of Education and Doctrine, Planning Department and the Department of Analysis and Statistics of the Criminal Investigation Division with technical assistance of UNODC.  This Criminal Analysis Specialization course was aimed at 41 officials of the Specialized Division of Criminal Investigations and was implemented from May 6 to June 14 consisting of 240 hours in total.

This course is part of the first phase of implementation of a criminal analysis model for the National Civil Police that hopes to have an impact at the national level. The Deputy Directors were able to observe the analysis of cases made by one of the participants of the course and recognized the development of capacities and aptitudes for the criminal analysis. Likewise, the leadership of the Head of the Analysis Department and teamwork was recognized. Currently, UNODC is carrying out the renovation of the Department and will be providing specialized equipment and software.

The General Deputy Director of Studies and Doctrine of PNC, Mr. Edwin Ardiano López, Director of the School of Specialties of PNC, Mr. José Estuardo Colindres Cruz, Chief of the Specialized Division in Criminal Investigation of PNC, Mr. Adal Rodriguez Najarro, Deputy Director General of Criminal Investigation of PNC, Mr. Héctor Waldemar Gómez García and Mrs. Luisa Fernández of UNODC Guatemala were in charge of delivering the diplomas to the new Criminal Analysts of PNC Guatemala. With the future incorporation of a Department of Analysis and Statistics, and the great acceptance within PNC, it is expected that this is only the first promotion of trained Criminal Analysts of PNC.

The Criminal Analysis Specialization course was developed through the generous support of the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (PBF).