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Deliver workshop on alternative methods for the solution of the conflict in the context of the accusatory criminal system

Panama, May 28, 2019. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime held a workshop on alternative methods for resolving the conflict in the context of the accusatory criminal system from May 20 to 22, as part of the program of strengthening the capacities of the Judicial Branch's collaborators.

The speakers were José Ignacio Gerez, Attorney General of the Province of Neuquén, Argentina; Ulf Eiras, Director of the Office of Mediation of the Public Ministry of Neuquén and Mauricio Zabala, Judge of Guarantees of the Judicial Power of the Province of Neuquén.

The activity was attended by judges of guarantee and trial, victims' advocates, members of the Public Ministry and staff of the National Directorate of Mediation.

Some of the topics discussed were: the role of the parties; contributions from restorative justice conciliation and criminal mediation; complex public conflicts and their approach from the role of the different judicial operators (defenders, prosecutors and judges) and three outstanding cases were analyzed in the province of Neuquén.

This activity was aimed at sensitizing those present about the use of alternative media as a tool for solving the criminal conflict and the role of prosecutors, judges and defenders in their use.