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Delivery and installation of furniture for Adversarial Criminal System of the Third Judicial District

The project of Consolidation of the Criminal Procedure Reform in Panama, of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean in Panama (UNODC ROPAN) carried out the process of delivery and installation of furniture for the Adversarial Criminal System of the Third Judicial District in the Republic of Panama.
These works were carried out from 7th to 14th. March, 2016 at the Judiciary Headquarters and the offices of the Defense of Victims located in the former Courthouse David City, Chiriqui Province, and from 17th to 21th, March 2016, at the provisional Adversarial Criminal System Headquarters in Changuinola City, Bocas del Toro province.
To carry out this work, a logistic plan was executed between different Directions and Jurisdictions of the Judicial Branch of Panama, the team PANZ41 from UNODC-ROPAN and the contracted company.
Within the scope of this activity we fulfilled  the furnishing of all areas comprising the management model of Judicial Offices such as the offices of judges and magistrates and the hearing courts, similarly the
Institute of Public Defense and the Assistance Office for the Protection of Victims of the Adversarial Criminal System.
The result of this work in the Third Judicial District was to provide a high standard of quality to the place of work of two hundred and eight (208) officials of the Adversarial Criminal System in Chiriqui, Changuinola, Kusapín and Llano Tugrí, the latter two, located in Ngäbe Bugle.
With this first installment, we could finish a first stage of furnishing, for the Adversarial Criminal System in the Republic of Panama; commitment made by UNODC with  the Judicial Branch  according to the agreement signed by both parties.
Currently, we are, as part of the project implementation, in the process of acquisition of furniture and computer equipment, for more than nine hundred (900) officials who will be part of the Adversarial Criminal System, starting September 2, 2016, when it takes effect in the First Judicial District of Panama.