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DIGESSP and UNODC seek transparency and more efficient oversight

The Ministry of the Interior in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, has created a management and oversight system for the providers of private security services in Guatemala. This effort is part of an organizational reengineering and institutional modernization process aimed to strengthen the Ministry´s of Interior General Directions throughout the use of technology.
One of the priorities of this joint partnership is to provide fast computer systems to expedite the management of processes, operations and oversight in order to improve the analysis of information and enable more transparent management and oversight of private security services.
The General Direction of Private Security Services (DIGESSP), under the Ministry of the Interior, is the Guatemalan agency responsible for the registration, control, supervision and oversight of the providers of private security services.
DIGESSP receives the applications for licenses, certifications requests and citizen complaints related to the providers of private security services,  processing a large volume of information on a daily basis. These processes were done manually and the lack of technological tools had a direct impact on the response time and oversight effectiveness on the entities under DIGESSP supervision. In order to tackle this situation, a technological tool was designed and developed to facilitate and speed up the General Direction's legal functions and technical support.
So that the DIGESSP modernize the management of its processes through the systematization and automation of activities currently being undertaken to improve the quality of customer service and connectivity information flow into and  out  the DIGESSP.
In addition, providers of private security services have a very important role in the process of managing and updating records and information.