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Forum on the Investigation of the crime of torture in the context of gender violence in El Salvador

San Salvador, March 8, 2022. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Attorney General´s Office of El Salvador held a Forum on the Investigation of the Crime of Torture in the context of gender violence, within the framework of International Women's Day.
The forum had the participation of Marisol Ariza, international expert in human rights, with the topic "Legal aspects of the crime of torture in the context of gender violence", and Jorge de la Peña, international expert, doctor and psychologist, with the topic "Psychological aspects of torture in the context of gender violence".
100 prosecutors from specialized units of the Attorney General's Office at the national level attended the forum, that aimed at promoting the exchange of specialized knowledge and experiences on the treatment of cases of torture as a form of gender violence that affects girls and women in various contexts.
“Not only does femicide exist as an expression of violence, but there is also the disappearance and torture of women and girls, and it is important to make these forms of violence visible, investigate and prosecute all crimes committed. The Attorney General´s Office has a fundamental role in ensuring access to justice and its effective implementation for victims, therefore we appreciate its active participation in the organization of this forum," said Vida Gómez Asturias, Project coordinator of UNODC in El Salvador”.

During her intervention, Marisol Ariza highlighted the importance of carrying out investigations in context, assessing the conditions of the affected person, health, age and gender, to determine the consquences on the victim and the criminal behavior of the perpetrator.
Marina de Ortega, National Director for Women, Children, Adolescents, LGBTI Population, of the Office of the Attorney General highlighted the support of international experts from UNODC in strengthening the capacities of prosecutors on the investigation of torture within the context of gender violence.
“There have been advances in our institution by having tools with gender perspective for the attention of women, and a specialized curricula in our Prosecutors Training School that includes preparation, approach and awareness in the attention to victims, who are the center of our operations to ensure the access to justice that they deserve,” she reiterated.
Jorge de la Peña, on the topic of Psychological aspects of torture in the context of gender-based violence, stressed that “torture is not only harm, but also mistreatment and an habitual procedure used as an instrument of power. Torture is a political, economic, psychological and physical control that can lead to the death of the victim", he reiterated.
The forum had the financial support of the government of Canada, as a strategic ally in the implementation of comprehensive programs to combat organized crime in the Central American region, through the Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program (ACCBP).