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Inter-institutional coordination roundtables and visit to storage warehouse for chemical substances and precursors in Honduras 

Honduras, November 23, 2022. The UNODC program "Safe handling and disposal of seized drugs and precursor chemicals" (STAND) held technical coordination meetings with officials of security and justice institutions in Honduras in order to learn about the challenges faced by the country in terms of final disposal of substances and precursor chemicals. During the activity, UNODC presented the global and sub-regional dynamics of the production of drugs of natural and synthetic origin, as well as the threats posed by the increase in the illicit demand for chemical substances and precursors and the diversion of the licit industry.

During the mission to that country, a technical visit was made to the storage warehouses of chemical substances and precursors, the purpose of which was to learn about the storage conditions of the substances and carry out an objective risk and danger assessment.

The STAND Program is currently in the phase of developing a national diagnostic on regulatory capacities, inter-institutional coordination, infrastructure, storage and training. 

 "The recent meetings held with UNODC staff are an important step in the responsible and environmentally friendly search for the application of methods and techniques for the final disposal of drugs, substances and chemical precursors. I hope that these actions of support and accompaniment will be repeated, as they are of great importance for our country," said JC*, an official who participated in the events.

These actions contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG3 to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, SDG 12 to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns and SDG 16 to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies.

The STAND Program is implemented in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras and Argentina and aims to strengthen the capacities of security and justice institutions for the design of strategies to carry out the final, adequate and expeditious disposal of seized drugs and chemical substances, thanks to the financial support of the Counterdrug and Law Enforcement Affairs Section (INL).

*For security reasons we have protected the identity of public personnel.