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Introductory Workshop on Cybercrime Prevention and crimes against children on the Internet

The United Nations Office Against Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean (UNODC ROPAN) in Guatemala held the "Introductory Workshop on Cybercrime Prevention and crimes against children on the Internet". The Workshop was developed as part of the Project "Strengthening the Capabilities of Competent Authorities to Prevent and Combat Cybercrime and Crimes on the Internet against Children in Central America" ​​(ICAC).

Twenty-two (22) police officers of the National Civil Police with criminal investigation and prevention functions attended the workshop. The workshop was developed by a consultant firm specialized in crime prevention of Internet Crimes Against Children (ICACI). Also, Rubí Reyes, Director Against Exploitation of the Secretariat Against Sexual Violence, Exploitation and Human Trafficking (SVET), was invited to present the legal framework linked to ICAC cases. The following topics were addressed: Violent cybernauts in social networks; High-risk challenges; Fake Profiles and Account Spoofing on Facebook; Suspicious and dangerous friendship requests; Phishing, social engineering and scams through digital media; Secret codes and dictionary of dangerous groups in social networks; the 30 most dangerous APPs for young people; Audition drugs; social networks and security protocols in schools; 37 signs of abuse and harassment. Also, the Sub-Directions of Prevention and Criminal Investigation presented their functions, tasks and programs related to the matter.

This workshop was held thanks to the Canadian Government and their generous financial support for the project within the Crime Prevention Capacity Development Program (ACCBP).