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IX Workshop on Best Practices (Prison Management, Procedural Protocols and Media)

In the framework of Project SECOPA (penitentiary component) implemented by UNODC with the financial support of the European Union, was held the IX Workshop on Best Practices (prison management, procedural protocols and media), jointly organized with the General Directorate of Prisons (DGSP) and the Prison Training Academy, aimed at prison managers nationwide, as well as Heads of Departments.

The aim of the workshop was to strengthen the knowledge on human rights of both, detainees and prison staff, as a management tool that translates into a better prison administration.

During the workshop opening, the Prison Reform Coordinator of UNODC ROPAN emphasized the importance of the relationship between the authorities of the prison system and the media, reason why part of the event was dedicated to the presentation of the recently approved protocol that addresses this issue.

Moreover, the Director in charge of the Prison System, Sharon Díaz, added that other issues will also be presented, such as human rights inside the prison system, humanitarian needs, prison management and creative problem solving, protocols for the admission of human rights organizations and lawyers, as well as a draft list of prohibited items in male prisons.

Among the protocols currently approved by the DGSP may be mentioned: the protocol on visits of the authorities and staff of the Ministry of Government and the DGSP, the protocol in case of death of persons deprived of liberty, the protocol of intimate visits, the protocol for the entry of items into female prisons, the protocol of requisitions, and the general regulations on forms of participation of persons deprived of liberty.