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Lecture Series "Importance of Judicial Ethics in the Development of Just Societies" in Panama

Panama, September 1, 2021. Project to Consolidate the Criminal Procedure Reform in Panama of UNODC together with the Judiciary Branch and the Higher Institute of the Judiciary of Panama "Dr. Cesar Augusto Quintero Correa" began the lecture series "Importance of judicial ethics in the development of just societies", which will be given by Dr. Bernardo Kliksberg.

The inaugural session was attended by Dr. Luis Ramón Fábrega, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Justice; Dr. Ricaurte Soler, Director of the Higher Institute of the Judiciary of Panama "Dr. Cesar Augusto Quintero Correa and Melissa Flynn, Deputy Regional Representative of UNODC.

Fábrega thanked UNODC for supporting the projects and also the speaker, Dr. Kliksberg, for sharing his knowledge.

Melissa Flynn recalled that in April 2003, the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct were approved by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights as "the first instrument not drafted by government representatives that has been accepted and endorsed by the United Nations". And he mentioned the six fundamental principles in the actions of those who administer justice: independence; impartiality; integrity, correctness, equality and competence/diligence of judicial servants.
“During these six sessions we will be addressing issues that impact the justice system and that refer to the challenges faced daily by the judiciary, some of which include the growing demand for justice by society; the low levels of credibility by the community, the challenges that the administration of justice must face to build the right image of impartiality, ethics and objectivity and achieve evidence in practice that this is really so, in a world convulsed by disbelief in the system," said Flynn.

In the first conference - attended by more than 180 judicial servants - Dr. Kliksberg addressed the topic "Ethics in Justice: Challenges of a convulsed world. Macrotrends, main challenges and questions".
"We need an ethics that acts in the climate field, that acts within the law, one of the greatest protectors of human society, we need an ethics that acts on the effects of the pandemic, we need an ethics that defends us," said Kliksberg.
The next conferences will be held on September 15 and 30; October 13 and 29 and November 12.