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MINED and UNODC launched a national strategy for the cybercrime prevention in El Salvador schools

San Salvador, September 25, 2018. Under the Doha Declaration Global Programme's initiative on Education for Justice (E4J), the Ministry of Education (MINED), through the Vice Ministry of Science and Technology, and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) presented the educational materials for cybercrime prevention in schools, which have been developed as part of the campaign "Enjoy and take care of yourself on the Internet".

The ceremony was presided by the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Erlinda Hándal Vega; the UNODC Deputy Chief of El Salvador, Nayelly Loya Marín, the Charge d'affaires of the Qatar Embassy in El Salvador, Tariq Othman Al-Othman, and the Communication Chief of RRII and Telefónica Business Responsible of El Salvador, Karla Ramos Majano.

There was also an act of symbolic delivery of the materials in which the Vice Minister, Dr. Erlinda Hándal highlighted that "the national strategy for the prevention of cybercrime is essential to make visible, educate, train and prevent the phenomenon of cybercrime, since many people do not know it in the country ". In addition, she emphasized that "you cannot solve problems that are not identified. Therefore, we want all children in the country to know about how to prevent internet risks. "

Nayelly Loya, from the UNODC, mentioned that "in El Salvador, the Government of Qatar has partnered with UNODC to support the prevention of a new form of crime that has unfortunately come to stay: cybercrime, focusing on the population, although it may be the most vulnerable, it is also the only one that can change the course of the country in the long term: childhood and adolescence. "

Finally, on the part of the Telefónica Foundation, Karla Majano emphasized that "today's digital revolution generates great social benefits, but at the same time it also poses new challenges that must be addressed as crimes on the Internet."

MINED and UNODC work together to the strengthening of the prevention teachers capacities' and combat the cybercrime phenomenon in El Salvador's schools. For this, the National Strategy for the prevention of cybercrime is implemented, which includes specialized training actions for teachers; the development of audiovisual and printed materials for schools; the installation of permanent exhibitions at the Interactive Centers for Science Learning (CIAC); the promotion of cultural activities, through which the messages of prevention are transmitted, as well as a campaign of diffusion in social networks.

Within the framework of this line of work, audiovisual and printed materials for schools have been developed as part of the Enjoy and take care of yourself on the Internet campaign, which is based on six thematic areas: Cybersecurity, Internet Privacy, Sexting, Grooming, Sextortion and Cyberbullying. The campaign aims is to inform and prevent the main cybercrimes that affect children.

The materials produced are illustrated books, animated videos, triptychs and posters for each of the six thematic areas, emphasizing the importance of preserving privacy and security on the Internet. In this matter, it is also seek to promote life skills and the full enjoyment of children's rights on the Internet, to guide them on the safe and responsible use of the network; and promoting  available information to them so that they are not victims of a cybercrime.

These new resources have been developed thanks to the financial support  kindly provided by the State of Qatar in the implementation of the "Education for Justice: Prevention of Cybercrime in the Central America Region" project of the UNODC, framed in the implementation of the Doha Declaration. In addition, it has the support of Telefónica El Salvador, a strategic partner, which works with this type of initiatives as part of its Responsible Business program.