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New training for Educators and Health Personnel in the Strengthening Family Program

During the weeks of March 27 to 31 and from April 3 to 7 of this year, 42 educators from the Ministry of Education and 12 health professionals from the Ministry of Health were trained as facilitators of the "Strengthening Family Program. This program aims to prevent risky behaviors, such as drug abuse and delinquency among adolescents, through the strengthening of family relationships and improvements in parental skills.

The training was given within the framework of a research project integrated by UNODC, the Institute of Scientific Investigations and Services of High Technology of Panama, and the University of Manchester England. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the impact of the program in the Republic of Panama.

The new facilitators will implement the program in San Miguelito, Panama Center and Panama East communities. Participating families will receive a three-year follow-up to learn about the long-term impact of the program.