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First Mentoring of JAITF of Aircop in Santo Domingo

The Joint Airport Interdiction Task Force (JAITF) of the Airport Communication Project (AIRCOP) in Santo Domingo received its first mentoring in the fight against drug trafficking by air from June 29 to July 10, 2015. The mentoring was inaugurated by the Specialized Body for Airport Security and Civil Aviation (CESAC) authorities, the Attorney General's Office and the AIRCOP team in the Regional Office of UNODC for Central America and the Caribbean, and was held in the JAITF room at Las Americas International Airport.

The two weeks of mentoring were led by an expert of the Belgian Federal Police specialized in counter-narcotics operations and profiling of suspicious passengers and cargo. The mentoring covered methods to fight drug trafficking by air, targeting and risk profiling of passengers and luggage, collection and exchange of information, and search and interview techniques. JAITF officials in Santo Domingo represent the following institutions: the Specialized Body in Airport Security and Civil Aviation (CESAC), the Direction of State Intelligence of the Secretary of Defense (J-2), the National Investigation Department (DNI), the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD), the Department of Customs (DGA), the Immigration Department (DGM), the Public Ministry and the National Central Bureau (NCB) of Interpol in the Dominican Republic.