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Promoting the Social Reintegration of Prisoners in Panama through Higher Education

For the first time and marking a milestone in Panamanian education and prison system, fourteen women deprived of liberty graduated from the University Annex located at the Women's Rehabilitation Center (CEFERE), which is being developed by the University of Panama. This graduation ceremony involved the participation of authorities from the Ministry of Government, the University of Panama and UNODC.

This initiative is the result of partnership linking the Panamanian Government, UNODC, the University of Panama and the American Embassy. The Program was initially inaugurated in 2013 thanks to the PANX12 Project, implemented by UNODC with the financial support of the American Embassy in Panama. Since its opening, more than 180 women have been benefited from the Program. More recently, under Project PANZ59 "Consolidating prison reform improvements in Panama", implemented by UNODC with US funds too, UNODC acquired an additional mobile classroom to increase the chances of study of women prisoners and facilitated the development of a second University Annex in an all-male prison ( El Renacer).

With these initiatives UNODC seeks to strengthen the higher education offered to the prison population, promoting their social reintegration and strengthening prison reform.

For more information on this Program, please watch the following video (only available in Spanish):