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Regional Workshop Specializing in the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Corporate Compliance Programs in Panama, Colombia and Peru


Panama, February 25, 2022. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, through the project "Corporate Accountability of Businesses for Corruption and Money Laundering Offenses in Panama, Colombia and Peru", held the regional workshop specialized in the evaluation of the effectiveness of corporate compliance programs, during February 23 and 24, 2022.

The opening ceremony was attended by Jacqueline Mortlock, Justice Advisor, CSSF of the British Embassy in Lima and Pierre Lapaque, Regional Representative of UNODC ROCOL.

During the first session, Alma Balcazar, UNODC expert, gave an introduction on the global trend and the current international legal framework of compliance programs.

This training, which was attended by more than 200 officials from Panama, Peru and Colombia, addressed the following topics:

- Importance of compliance in the prevention of acts of corruption related to legal persons, by Ana María Álzate, Director of Compliance of the Delegation of Economic and Corporate Affairs of the Superintendence of Companies (Colombia); Flor Pinzón, Project Coordinator "Consolidation of Criminal Procedure Reform in Panama of UNODC and Paolo Abad Bejarano, expert in Mining and Compliance of Peru.


- Minimum standards in compliance programs: design, implementation and effectiveness, topic presented by Alma Balcázar, UNODC expert (Colombia); Tanya Turner, founding partner of the firm TTN Compliance & Legal and Alejandro Rabanal Sobrino, Deputy Superintendent of Risks of the Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores (Peru).


- Compliance programs: an exonerating or mitigating factor in corporate liability for corruption offenses, developed by José Domingo Pérez Gómez, Chief Provincial Prosecutor of the Lava Jato Special Team in Peru; Alexandra Ladino Pinzón, Prosecutor of Criminal Finance (Colombia) and Ramiro Esquivel, UNODC consultant, prosecutor and former prosecutor.


- Good practices in compliance programs as an instrument of prevention against corporate corruption, presented by William Parodi, UNODC consultant, specialist in economic criminal law and former prosecutor (Panama); Luis Mesia Rivera, Compliance and Ethics Division and Deputy Manager of Corporate Crime Prevention (Peru) and Luz Maria Zea Cabrera, Compliance Officer at Frontera Energy (Colombia).


With the support of the British Embassy, UNODC develops this project that aims to strengthen the design, implementation and effectiveness of compliance programs as a prevention mechanism against corporate liability for corruption offenses in the region.