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Requirements to Internet Service and Telephony Operators for the Investigation of Crimes against Children and Adolescents for the use of Technologies

United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime Guatemala organized in Guatemala City on June 20, the workshop "Requirements to Operators of Internet and Telephony Service for the Investigation of Crimes against Children and Adolescents for the use of Technologies". The workshop was conducted for the specialized staff of the Cybercrime Unit of the National Civil Police and for the specialized personnel from the Public Ministry.

Telephone, internet and social network operators play an essential role in criminal investigation and prosecution of crimes committed against children in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The workshop aimed to facilitate communication mechanisms between the security and justice sector and social network operators, to share good regional practices in this area and to strengthen inter-institutional work in the pursuit of cybercrimes.

The workshop was commenced by Nayelly Loya, the Deputy Head of UNODC El Salvador. Her presentation was focused on the Manual to Obtain Evidence from Internet Communication Service Providers from United States of America. The presentation described the characteristics of cybercrime, the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in cybercrime, ways to combat or investigate online child sexual exploitation, and provided detailed information about how to formulate a request to the providers of communication services.

The second activity was led by Henry Reynoso, Prosecutor of the Dominican Republic's Office of the Specialized Prosecutor against Crimes and Crimes of High Technology. He spoked about the relationship between internet and telephony service operators with investigators of cybercrimes against children, legal procedures to request information for research, ways to handle cases of high technology and child sexual abuse, criminal analysis and telephone investigations in the Dominican Republic.

We are grateful to our sponsor, the Canadian Embassy in Guatemala, for its generous financial support for the project "Strengthening the Capacity to Prevent and Combat Cybercrime and Internet Crimes against Children in Central America."