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Results of the survey on needs of people living with HIV in the Dominican Republic presented

The Dominican Republic, July 16, 2020. The United Nations System presented the results of the first rapid survey on the needs of people living with HIV to the COVID-19.

The infographic summarizes the results of the survey and ends with three recommendations that UNAIDS addresses to the country:

Provision of antiretroviral drugs: The Ministry of Public Health and the National Health Service are urged to provide at least 3 months of antiretroviral drugs to people living with HIV, within their means, and to establish facilities for access to these drugs. Similarly, it is recommended that, to the extent possible, efforts be continued to strengthen comprehensive care programmes for people living with HIV so that they can continue to adhere to their medications.

Inclusion in social protection programmes: The government is urged to take into consideration people living with HIV in an economically fragile situation so that they are integrated into social protection and food security programmes set up in times of COVID-19. Similarly, it is important that they are provided with personal protective equipment.

Mental health: It is recommended that national STI, HIV and AIDS programmes and mental health care services that are able to do so provide mental health services for people living with HIV.