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Results of the World Drug Report in the Public Ministry School

Panama, May 7, 2019. Within the framework of the specialized course on drug-related crimes, organized by the Public Ministry School of Panama, UNODC ROPAN was invited to present the results of the World Drug Report 2018 conducted by UNODC, whose publication It was formally presented, globally, last year.

Grisell Mojica, coordinator of the CRIMJUST project, funded by the European Union, presented to research officials some of the facts given by the report.

Mojica noted that, according to the report, from 2000 to 2015, deaths from drug use have increased by 60% worldwide.

Another fact that she highlighted is that the proportion of women imprisoned worldwide is higher than men, while 35% of those in prison are for drug-related offenses, while the population of men deprived of their liberty is 19%.

Regarding drug consumption, it is highlighted that cannabis was the most consumed drug in the world, consumed by 192.2 million people between 15 and 64 years of age in 2016, of which 13.8 million were young people between 15 and 16 years old. On the other hand, the drug mostly seized is cocaine, with a figure of 1,129 tons in 2016; and opioid consumption accounted for 76% of deaths from drug use disorders in 2015.