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ROPAN takes action on Anti-Money Laundering Day

Panama, October 29, 2021. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean (UNODC) commemorated the Anti-Money Laundering Day with the campaign "Take action gainst money laundering" culminating with a webinar in which the topics of beneficial ownership and virtual assets were addressed.

 More than 300 institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean joined the campaign - which lasted more than a month through social networks - with the slogan "Get active against money laundering".

The messages of this communication initiative were aimed at individuals and companies to "take action" against money laundering by creating a safe digital space.

The prevention campaign culminated with two webinars, one for the Latin American audience and the other for the Caribbean, on the topics of beneficial ownership and virtual assets.

These webinars were held in conjunction with the Latin American Financial Action Task Force and the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force.

The Spanish-language event was attended by Esteban Fullin, GAFILAT Executive Secretary; Gustavo Vega and Juan Ponce Cruz, GAFILAT Deputy Executive Secretaries, who spoke on beneficial ownership and virtual assets, respectively.

The Caribbean audience was addressed by Dawne Spicer, executive director of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force; Christina Rolle, executive director of the Bahamas Security Commission; and Kenneth Joaquin, registrar of companies in Bermuda.

At both events Melissa Flynn, deputy regional representative of UNODC, offered welcoming remarks. "The rescue of the economy must be done while safeguarding our preventive and control functions against the crime of money laundering, preventing Organized Crime Groups from using financial and commercial structures as an opportunity to introduce their illicit flows into the formal economy," said Flynn.

He added that "this event constitutes an important source of resources for the achievement of new tools to strengthen their capacities and generate among all the mechanisms to protect our economies from the scourge of money laundering in the difficult times we live in".