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Salvadoran youth give their opinion about the management of the pandemic

El Salvador, 16 November 2020. UNODC organized the conversation "What do young university students think about corruption", in which 36 university students participated and offered their opinion about the government's handling of the pandemic.
In this virtual activity, participants organized themselves into working groups to answer the following questions: a) Do you think that the COVID-19 pandemic was handled according to corrupt practices or integrity practices; b) How can young university students be actively involved in corruption prevention and recovery after COVID-19 by adhering to integrity practices; and c) What ideas could be implemented by the state and the private sector for social and economic recovery after COVID-19 by adhering to integrity practices?
The participants in the event are students from the Universidad Centroamericana "José Simeón Cañas", the Universidad Modular Abierta, Universidad Gerardo Barrios, and the Universidad de Sonsonate.