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SMART develops diagnostic evaluation for implementation of early warning system on synthetic drugs in El Salvador

San Salvador, 30 August 2019. The coordinator of the Synthetics Monitoring: Analyses, Reporting and Trends (SMART) Global Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean, Luis Ruiz, accompanied by Scientific Officer Joao Rodrigues of the UNODC Vienna forensic laboratories, conducted a diagnostic evaluation in El Salvador in order to develop an early warning system for synthetic drugs.

This evaluation entails the development of different meetings and round tables with the main actors in the exchange of information at the national level on cases of synthetic drugs, ranging from captures, care (whether medical or rehabilitation) related to synthetic drugs.

For this purpose, meetings were held with the National Security Council, the Supreme Court of Justice, the National Civil Police, the Scientific Technical Police, the Drug Prosecutor's Office, forensic laboratories, the post office, customs, health authorities, non-governmental organizations, the National Drug Council and the National Drug Observatory, among others.

At the same time, test kits for the detection of drugs and precursors and their respective training were delivered to the National Civil Police of El Salvador.