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Successful Exhibition of Integrarte during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Panama

On 13, 14 and 15 October 2016, the prison brand Integrarte was present at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, held at the Atlapa Convention Center of Panama City.  The event stands out as the global benchmark of fashion in the region, facilitating the creation of ties between the local and international manufacturing industries, arising in exchanges of products and associated services to the area of fashion and design, among others.

During the three-day fair, Integrarte was part of the stand La Tangente of Super Mini Diablo Rosso, a platform dedicated to showcasing the most innovative brands of national talents, where products were exhibited with great success, ranging from furniture to pret-á-porter clothing and accessories.

On Saturday afternoon, men and women deprived of liberty showed off once again the garments of "The Ethnic Paradise" collection on a catwalk made within the exhibition area, presenting the project and showing that in prisons there is a lot of talent and motivation. We just need to provide a second chance to these people who want to reintegrate into society as productive individuals.

Integrarte is a commercial brand with a view to promoting a more sustainable social and labor reintegration of people deprived of liberty through the elaboration and marketing of high quality and competitive hand-made products.  This initiative is the result of a partnership linking the Panamanian Government, UNODC and the European Union, throughout SECOPA Project.

In addition to this national initiative, UNODC is in the process of developing a global brand of prison products under the  Doha Declaration Global Programme.