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The National Drugs Council and UNODC implement for the first time the Parenting Skills Programme in Prison Facilities of the Dominican Republic 

During the August-October 2017 period, and under the overall coordination of UNODC, the New Prison Model, the National Drugs Council and the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Re public delivered the "Parenting Skills: Learning to Efficiently and Preventively Educate our Sons and Daughters" in the Male and Female Najayo Prison Facilities, located in San Cristobal. This Programme has been designed for teenagers between 15-18 years old and is implemented in the context of Project "Building Strong Families in the Dominican Republic", funded by the Embassy of the Unisted States in the country (INL/NAS).

During the training course, participating fathers, mothers and tutors strengthened their parenting skills, with a view to preventing drug abuse and other risk behaviours among teenagers. The programme consisted of eight 90-minute sessions that include the use of videos, analysis workshops, educational games and dynamic activities aimed at enhancing their role as primary protection agents.

The training programme closing ceremony, during which 61 families received their certificates of completion, was attended by Mr. Ysmael Paniagua, National Coordinator of the New Prison Model; Mr. Timothy Peltier, Director of INL NAS in the Dominican Republic; Ms. Begoña Gómez, Head of the UNODC Country Programme Office in Santo Domingo; Ms. Araceli Azuara, OAS Representative; Ms. Elba Trejo, Consultant of the National Drugs Council; and Ms. Josefina Jiménez, Head of the Preventive Education Unit of the National Drugs Council.