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This diploma "guarantees a complete development from the gender perspective"

Panama, November 25, 2020. "I must recognize that the participation in this diploma course has been of singular relevance in the application of the gender perspective in the processes that are submitted to our knowledge, allowing us to identify and eradicate errors that have been perpetuated in the approach of these cases, based on cultural patterns that are not in tune with the reality and the perspectives of the Law of the 21st century", expressed Bosco Antonio Monterrey Domínguez, Judge of Guarantees of the province of Los Santos, who was one of the 120 officials of the four judicial districts that completed the Diploma in crimes of gender violence given by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean, through the project "Consolidation of the Criminal Procedure Reform in Panama", by initiative of the Judicial Branch.

"As operators of the administration of justice it is our duty to know and respect the rights of each of the parties involved in the processes within our jurisdiction," said the Judge and added that acquiring these academic tools "makes the work we have been doing effective and guarantees a full development from the gender perspective.

This training activity allowed him to "share with members of the entities involved in this work the vision they have from the different roles they play, allowing them to understand and empathize with their professional experiences.

To defend the victims

Another participant of the Diploma in Gender Violence, Irma Argelis Garcia Aizpurua, explained that, as a Public Defender of Victims, her work is aimed at defending victims in each audience, "the ideal scenario to apply what has been learned, having already at hand all the material provided by the facilitators," such as international agreements and regional regulations. In this way, she will identify "the precise, opportune moment to use it, since some of the documentation was not known and now I can enrich even more my arguments in the audience".

The academic day seemed to him "very complete, with professionals who know the subject, a wide teaching agenda, the platform used with the Universidad Latina very professional".

He confesses that "this course, offered by UNODC, is what I was looking for, since it covered the topic of gender violence with a rich and varied content; the trainers were highly experienced and knew the subject very well".

"Gender violence is that fight for equality and non-discrimination that comes from previous generations and is not over yet, there is a long way to go to achieve that equality for all," concluded Garcia.

The Diploma in crimes of gender violence taught from September 16 to November 20 by the Universidad Latina de Panama consisted of four modules: theoretical and methodological aspects; national legal framework for the protection of women's rights; conceptual and normative international framework against gender-based violence and gender violence and human rights.