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"This workshop is a guide for the development of coherent and comprehensive policies that add scientific evidence".

Santo Domingo, 20 August, 2021. Dr. Rosa Flores, from the Center for Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents in the Use of Psychoactive Substances, found the workshop "Nature, prevention and treatment of psychoactive substance use disorders" offered by UNODC "excellent, timely and necessary".

She considered it important to have real statistical information and to learn about the international drug conventions that provide the international legal framework for this "necessary control in the field of drugs".

She was pleased to learn that a whole component or guide is being worked on to intervene in a differentiated manner with the adolescent population, with the population deprived of liberty and with women.

She concluded that the workshop facilitators were "excellent", that they were "up to date and well focused on the objectives".

Strengthening efforts to establish policies

This training - held on 21, 23, 28 and 30 July - provided "an excellent overview of the international drug system, its implications and how States can enhance their efforts to develop evidence-based policies to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities," said Dr. Mercedes Ivelisse German Ledesma of the National Drug Council.

Dr. Luis Vergés agreed with Dr. Flores in considering that this workshop was a valuable and much needed experience.

Vergés believes that it is important to be updated on these topics "as they allow for an interesting integration of evidence-based knowledge".

According to Dr. German, these trainings offer "an overview that is sometimes lost when we deal with drug-related issues". In addition, this exercise is a "guide for the development of coherent and comprehensive policies that add up to scientific evidence".

Dr. Flores emphasized that the drug issue "is complex, dynamic and only by knowing what is happening in our countries, the region and the world can we be prepared to articulate strategies at the country and regional levels.

Workshops such as the one offered by UNODC to 21 drug demand reduction policy makers in the Dominican Republic "is the only way to give the right answers, or the closest ones, to the reality to be influenced", he emphasized.