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Training on Stress Management Concludes for Prison Staff 

Under the UNODC Project PANZ59 "Consolidating prison reform improvements in Panama", with the support of the US Embassy in Panama, a two-month training on "body-mind-emotions tools" for managing stress and its consequences concludes for staff of the Directorate General of Prisons.

The training was provided by the sociologist Ms. Alibel Pizarro and her team, who belongs to the international network CAPACITAR. The agenda of the training focused on various practical tools to overcome the symptoms of stress and increase self-care and personal welfare of prison staff, including the practice of "Switching", Tai Chi exercises, emotional release techniques, acupressure,

"support the body" technique, Polarity therapy, protocols for head and neck, Pal Dan Gum movements, among others.

This training has been of essential importance to strengthen the management capacities of prison staff to provide greater and better attention to the prison population. The final evaluation of the training has shown that most of the participants have experienced positive changes in their lives. Since prisons are places with high levels of tensions, prison officials require skills to achieve good stress management, which eventually facilitates the social reintegration of prisoners.