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Training workshop in methodologies for the planning of information systems projects

Guatemala City, August 6, 2019. Within the framework of the projects "Increasing Access to Justice for Women, Children and Indigenous Communities", UNODC conducted a training course tackling Methodologies for the Planning of Information Systems Projects.

This workshop on information systems projects was delivered by Daniel Otzoy, consultant for UNODC Guatemala and specialist in Information Systems and was addressed to twelve (12) officials of the General Sub-directorate of Information Technology and Communications (known in Spanish as SGTIC) of the National Civil Police.

The purpose of this workshop was to transfer knowledge about methodologies for the integral planning of information systems. During the course of the day, basic concepts on information systems, strategic planning and project management were discussed, and a group work session was held to implement the methodology for project planning.

Through this training, officials are expected to incorporate the knowledge and methodologies to their daily work for the planning of projects that are contemplated within the SGTIC and the PNC in general, in the field of Information Systems. As a consequence, it would positively impact public safety and indeed the role of the SGTIC in the National Civil Police.

This training course tackling methodologies for the planning of information systems was developed through the generous support of the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (PBF).