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UNODC and Centro American and the Caribbean Council of Public Ministers are working closely together in order to strengthening the Rule of law on the region

7 th September 2016, United Office on Drugs and Crime for Central American and the Caribbean (UNODC ROPAN) supported and participated on the session of Centro American and the Caribbean Council of Public Ministers that took place from 6 to 7 th September 2016, in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

During the event, that counted on the participation of Regional Attorneys General , alongside SICA and UNODC representatives, was approved and signed the Understanding Memorandum between Central American Public Ministries(with the exception of Nicaragua) and Dominican Republic for the strengthening on the Cooperation against  Human Trafficking.  The document mentioned above was developed with UNODC ROPAN support, as part of the project "Support to A.B.1. Regional Coordination and Capacity Building for Border Security for Central America and the Caribbean"

UNODC thanks and congratulates to the Council for his important role coordinating an integral answer for the challenges related to organized crime and illicit drugs trade.