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UNODC and Prison System evaluate achievements and advances of the prison reform

The project "Consolidating prison reform improvements in Panama", with the support of the US Embassy in Panama, has aimed to support the reform strategy initiated by the Government of Panama, in order to improve the conditions of imprisonment, strengthen the capabilities of the prison system to rehabilitate people deprived of liberty and professionalize prison staff, in line with international human rights standards.

Authorities of the General Office of the Penitentiary System analyzed and evaluated jointly with the UNODC prison reform team, the main achievements of the project, including the equipment of the new facilities of the Prison Training Academy and the social reintegration programs, such as the university annex in the women's prison and in the Renacer as well as the Integrarte project. Likewise, the improvements towards the professionalization of prison staff were shared, as the project has trained more than 800 staff through workshops, study visits and specialized mentoring. In addition, an achievement of relevant importance has been the strengthening of the General Inspectorate of the DGSP and the design and implementation of a plan to prevent corruption within prisons.

The project was evaluated by an external consultant, who held meetings with the main counterparts, visited the facilities of the Prison Training Academy as well as various prisons and interviewed people deprived of their liberty.

In this way, UNODC completes the implementation of the Project "Consolidating prison reform improvements in Panama" and thanks the authorities of the Ministry of Government and the General Office of the Prison System for their permanent collaboration, willingness and openness to receive technical and financial assistance, which allowed the realization of substantive achievements in the Panamanian prison reform process.