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UNODC and the National Civil Police of El Salvador Participate in Panel Discussion on Cybercrime Prevention

UNODC, in coordination with the Salvadoran National Civil Police (PNC) Cybercrime Unit, participated on the Panel Discussion on Cybercrime Prevention, addressed to students, parents and teachers of the Instituto Nacional de San Vicente (INSAVI), students of Law of the Universidad Panamericana (UPAN) and members of the Fifth Brigade of the National Army. The Discussion Panel took place on February 25 th, 2016 in the city of San Vicente, department of San Vicente. 

The forum included the participation of the Sub-delegation of San Vicente, the PNC Cybercrime Unit and UNODC through the Programme Office for El Salvador (UNODC POSAL). The presentations were focused on the responsible use of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), the threats that can be found on Internet and the different mechanisms students can use to get great benefits from ICTs.

Additionally, UNODC provided the Mini Guía en Seguridad Informática (children booklet on cybercrime prevention), elaborated with the purpose of promoting prevention on cybercrime and providing guidelines for children and adolescents on the exercise of their rights on Internet. On this occasion, 119 persons participated in the discussion panel.

This activity and materials were developed thanks to the financial resources provided by the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of the Embassy of the United States in El Salvador under the project "Strengthening of the capacities of El Salvador National Police to effectively identify and investigate cybercrime cases".