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UNODC carried out the Ethics Week together with the Governmental Ethics Tribunal

San Salvador, El Salvador, July 26 of 2016

The ethics week was carried out from July 18 to July 26 of together with the Governmental Ethics Tribunal. The main objective of this initiative was to convene all sectors of society to promote individual and social practice of values ​​as an essential contribution to fight corruption, prevent violence and combat impunity to build a country with more opportunities and improvements.

During this week, the drawing and poetry contest entitled: "Salvadorans with values, a country with future" was awarded. In addition, international speakers such as the President of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama, Mr. José Ayu Prado, Head of the Department of Governmental Ethics and Integrity of Dominican Republic, Mr. Rafael Basora, among others. Regarding national speakers, there were: teachers, historians, writers and representatives from both the public and private sectors. Also, the campaign: "#IAddUp" ( Yo Me Sumo)" went viral through social network.

This initiative achieved the awareness of 1,300 people, including the presence of representatives of both public and private sector, teachers and students from the cities of Santa Ana, San Miguel and San Salvador.