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UNODC celebrated the National Day for Prevention of Money Laundering

San Salvador, 31 october of 2016. This campaign was launched by the Project entitled: "Countering corruption in El Salvador", a joint initiative between UNODC, the General Prosecutor of the Republic, the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety the Supreme Court and with the financial support of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law-Enforcement (INL).

Money laundering is a silent phenomenon that always seeks to legalize the illicit proceeds of corruption, human trafficking, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, smuggling, among others. Criminal organizations always try to hide, alter or transfer their illicit funds looking contaminate or seize the legitimate economic activities. For this reason, it is necessary to create alliances among all sectors of society to prevent money laundering and to protect citizens and all sectors of the economy from the threats of organized crime activities.

In this occasion, a specialized event was carried out where some topics were analized, such as: Prevention of Money Laundering in El Salvador, the reform to the law on Money Laundering and Asset and interagency technical working groups, the challenges of prevention and punishment in Salvador, among others.

Also, the following page was enabled  so that private enterprises and national institutions could join the campaign. This web portal has more than 1,000 visits from users located in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, United States, Colombia, Panama, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

Between El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica 36 public entities and private enterprises have joined this initiative through their web portals, social networks and media, conducting awareness activities aimed at all sectors of society.

The event was attended by the Attorney General, Douglas Arquímides Melendez Ruiz, President of the Supreme Court, José Oscar Armando Pineda Navas, Ambassador of the United States of America in El Salvador, Jean Elizabeth Manes, the Canadian Ambassador in El Salvador, Maryse Guilbeault, Chief of UNODC in El Salvador, Monica Mendoza, Ambassador acting for the British Embassy in El Salvador, Victor Clark.

The event had the coverage of 18 Salvadoran different media communication and the participants were 223 representatives of governmental institutions involved in the fight against money laundering and the different economic private sectors of El Salvador.