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UNODC conducts workshops on the rational use of controlled medicines in the provinces of Panama and Coclé.

During the week of October 22 of this current year, UNODC alongside the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Panama held two workshops on the Rational Use of Controlled Drugs in the City of Panama and the City of Penonomé respectively. The workshops were organized in the framework of the activities of the GLOK67 project "Global Program of Access to controlled medicines". Such project has as a main objective the improvement access to controlled medicines while preventing their abuse and diversion.

Dr. Elizabeth Mattfeld, the global coordinator of the GOLK67 project, participated as a lecturer giving an overview of the situation of access to controlled medicines worldwide, and the importance of their rational use. Moreover, it also included the participation of Dr. Mitchell Nazario, specialist in pain care, Florida Veterans Hospital in the United States, Magister Rosa Buitrago, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Panama; and Dr. Nisla Camaño, specialist in palliative care of the Social Security Fund of Panama.

Among the topics addressed, there was the Introduction to the global context of access to controlled medicines; The situation in Panama with respect to controlled medications; The rational use of controlled medications to relieve pain; Palliative care; and clinical case analysis workshops. 60 participants from hospitals, health centers, the Social Security Fund and the University of Panama benefited from the workshops.

These education initiatives give continuity to the results of the Study on Access to Controlled Medications in Panama (2017-2018), which among its main recommendations it indicates the need to strengthen knowledge in this area through education and updating activities.