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UNODC Contributes in Strengthening Inter-Institutional Cooperation in Fighting Cybercrime in El Salvador

UNODC in its compromise to strengthen El Salvador´s national capacities to fight cybercrime, in cooperation with the National Civil Police (PNC) and the Attorney General's Office (FGR), starting June 2015, has promoted regular meetings between PNC and FGR. The following groups attended the meetings: PNC Cybercrime Group, FGR Unit of Crimes Related to Childhood, Adolescence and Women in their Family Relation and FGR Unit of Specialized Care for Women.

The main cybercrimes that affect El Salvador are: child pornography, illegal dissemination of information and threats. Most of the victims of these crimes are children and women. In this context, it is essential that the institutions responsible for fighting these crimes have at their disposal the mechanisms that facilitate their effective cooperation.

In these meetings, a series of cybercrime cases jointly investigated by the Cybercrime Group and the above-mentioned units of the Attorney General's Office have been reviewed. Additionally, in collaboration with the FGR Unit of Analysis of Prosecution Information a protocol to open cases identified through cyber patrolling is being developed.

With these activities UNODC contributes to the effective investigation of cybercrime cases in El Salvador through the promotion of inter-institutional cooperation.