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UNODC delivers training on Values in collaboration with UNDP in Belize

November 6, 2011. UNODC in collaboration with UNDP delivered 7 training sessions on the values programme in several primary schools in Belize from November 1to 3, 2017.

The event follows the recent accession of Belize to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and addresses the implementation of Chapter II on prevention measures.

The sessions were provided by Ms. Debra Rodriguez, Project assistant for UNODC and were carried out in four Belizean communities: Belmopan, Drandriga, Pomona and Hattieville reaching a total of two hundred and forty-three (243) second grade students.

During the sessions, children learned about the values of obedience, honesty, integrity, responsibility, friendship and discipline. Through the use of an interactive approach children were given situations they might encounter in their daily lifes and were encouraged to think about the importance of values and the consequences of their actions.

The objective of the training is to promote values in young children that will enable them to take good decisions and act responsibly in diverse contexts, generating a positive environment. The stars of the show were Spotty and Dengoso characters featured in the coloring book who surprise the students with a visit to share laughs, hugs and high-fives at the end of the presentation.