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UNODC Distributes Information Material Addressed to the Prison Population

Under the Project PANZ59 "Consolidating prison reform improvements in Panama", implemented by UNODC with the support of the US Embassy in Panama, UNODC gave the Directorate General of the Prison System information material on the rights and obligations of prisoners, disciplinary regime and parole regime to be distributed among the prison population nationwide. This aims to ensure the right to information of the people deprived of their liberty, in accordance with Rule 54 of the Nelson Mandela Rules, which states that prisoners should receive written information about prison law and regulations, their rights and obligations.

Moreover, the Project has delivered banners on the mentioned topics, which have already been placed in visible places within prisons across the country. This action complies with Rule 55.3, which states that "the prison administration shall prominently display summaries of the information in common areas of the prison".

Finally, UNODC delivered 500 publications containing Law 55 (2003) and Decree Law 393 (2005), 1000 Code of ethics and 300 Bangkok Rules, which aims to strengthen the training of prison staff through the Prison Training Academy.