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UNODC facilitates the Legislative Assistance Workshop entitled: "Reforms to the Law Against Money Laundering and Assets" addressed to public and private institutions

San Salvador, 28 september of 2016. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in conjunction with the Financial Investigation Unit of the General Prosecutor of the Republic facilitates the II Workshop on Legislative Assistance "Reforms to the Law against Money Laundering and Assets" on 27 and 28 september of 2016.

Both days counted with presentations by Gonzalo Alvarado, Coordinator Liaison and Cooperation of the Financial Investigation Unit of Peru and Alejandra Quevedo, Deputy Executive Secretary of Latin America Anti-Money Laundering Group.

The workshop included a presentation on the model of Peru in implementing FATF standards on prevention of Money Laundering as well as a lecture regarding FATF Standards legislation against Money Laundering and lessons learned derived from evaluation processes in other countries in the region

Among participants included there were institutions that function as regulators, supervisors and obligors. Dialogue was opened for all participants to exchange experiences and knowledge regarding the matter and the recommendations were integrated to the revision of the Law against Money Laundering and assets to achieve better functionality of it.