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UNODC had the closure of the Training Program on the Law of Governmental Ethics to trainers of the National Civilian Police

The objective of this initiative was to develop a Training Program on the Law of Governmental Ethics for trainers of the National Civilian Police (PNC), which would allow institutional strengthening and serve as a multiplier of change at the national level.

The training focused on two fundamental axes, the first to form in the adragogical and methodological area and the second in the development of values ​​as wel as the competencies of the facilitator in public ethics.

Last May 18, 79 facilitators were certified, who are committed and motivated in the ethical development of the institution, with methodological competencies and ethical foundations necessary for the development of training actions in ethics. Also, these activities are part of the goals of the operational plan and the activities of the PNC ethics committee.

This work is in addition to the efforts that PNC and UNODC have been carrying out in the framework of the project "Countering Corruption in El Salvador: Support for the Prevention, Investigation and Processing of Corruption", with a good group of facilitators prepared ethically and methodologically, in order to provide the most effective and efficient scope with respect to public ethics.