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UNODC held workshop on the International Day for the Right to the Truth.

El Salvador, March 24, 2021. Within the framework of the International Day for the rights to the truth, UNODC held a workshop with the dialogue table “Disappearance of Girls, Youth and Women in El Salvador: Towards the Construction of Responses with Gender Perspective”, integrated by 10 non governmental organizations and the Attorney’s Office for the Defense of Human Rights, represented by Silvia Campos, Deputy Attorney for the Defense of the Rights of Migrant People and Citizen Security, and Elisa Arevalo, Deputy Attorney for the Defense of Women’s rights.

During the workshop, UNODC presented the main guidelines contained in the Protocol for Urgent Action and Search Strategy for Disappeared Persons of El Salvador, and the procedure available for any person or entity to request the immediate search for a disappeared person.

The workshop also allowed the coordination of activities between UNODC and the different organizations to promote advocacy actions and a campaign with a gender perspective related to this problem to promote the rights of direct and indirect victims.

The dialogue table is coordinated by UNODC, under the project “Strengthening the implementation of management toolkits for cases of disappearances and torture linked to organized crime, which affect women, men and youth in El Salvador”, implemented with the financial support from the Government of Canada.