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UNODC launches campaign to prevent money laundering

Panama, October 5, 2020. With the objective of sensitizing society about the consequences of money laundering and inviting all related sectors to learn about how this phenomenon may affect them, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean has launched the campaign "Money Laundering #IsOnLine. Distance yourself and protect yourself", within the framework of the National Anti-Money Laundering Day to be celebrated on October 29th.
The campaign, which is disseminated through digital platforms, also aims to inform the public what they can do to protect themselves from money laundering and how to report acts related to this crime.

We are currently facing an unprecedented global situation, which influences the way organized crime, financial crime, money laundering and terrorism financing operates.  The messages of this campaign highlight the decisive role that technology can play for these illicit operations, but also, that it is this same technology that can achieve a significant scope for prevention and education on organized crime in the face of the global situation of COVID-19.
The concept of the campaign "Money Laundering #Is Online. The concept of the campaign "Money Laundering #IsOnline. Distance and Protect Yourself" focuses on this phenomenon through prevention messages that aim to promote public and private sector action against money laundering and at the same time link society to raise awareness about the issue.
The celebration of the National Anti-Money Laundering Day will culminate on October 29th with a virtual seminar on the theme "The challenges in the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism in times of COVID-19".