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UNODC launches pilot plan for document management of the National Civil Police

Guatemala City, 20 December 2019. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Guatemala, in the framework of the project "Expanding Access to Justice for Women, Children and Indigenous Peoples", began the implementation of a pilot plan for document and archive management of the Specialized Criminal Investigation Division of the National Civil Police.

Once the current conditions of the PNC's archival document repositories have been established, it will be possible to generate a framework of institutional policies and archival procedures to recover and use the information effectively and with the specific objective of establishing a working project with long-term impact, for the implementation of a Document Management System.
In compliance with this plan, once the formats for the diagnosis of the physical infrastructure and the characteristics of the documentary collection had been developed and collected, the design of the sample was carried out. This compilation was provided by the Specialized Criminal Investigation Division, the Division for the Investigation and Deactivation of Arms and Explosives, the National Division against the Criminal Development of Gangs, the Criminalistic Cabinet and the Police Information Division.

With the objective of providing technical assistance for the development of documentation on policies and standardized procedures to optimize the management of documents and archives, both physical and digital, UNODC has begun the great challenge of improving the PNC's DEIC information system.
This project is being carried out thanks to the Peacebuilding Fund in Guatemala.