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UNODC Strengthens El Salvador Capacities to Combat Cybercrime

San Salvador, August 24, 2017. UNODC, in collaboration with El Salvador Prosecutors' Academy, National Civil Police and Supreme Court of Justice organized the Validation Workshop of the "Manual to Obtaining Communication Service Provider Evidence from US". The workshop was opened by Ms. Nayelly Loya, Deputy Head of UNODC Programme Office for El Salvador and Coordinator of UNODC Global Progamme on Cybercrime Project in El Salvador, and Ms. Roxana Rivera, Prosecutors' Academy Deputy Director. The purpose of the Manual is to guide Salvadoran law enforcement agencies on the different mechanisms that exist to request and obtain user's data and digital evidence of Internet service providers based in the United States (Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, among others).

The workshop was delivered at El Salvador Prosecutors' Academy facilities and was attended by strategic personnel: four officers of the National Civil Police, six prosecutors of the Attorney General's Office and two Judges, involved on issuer related to cybercrime investigation and request of assistance overseas.

The Manual was presented by Ms. Nayelly Loya, who highlighted the most important points of the manual. Ms. Loya also explained that the manual describes the type of digital information that is stored by Internet service providers and what kind of information can be provided by these companies. Ms. Loya also provided concrete examples on how to apply it on real cases.

In addition, The Honorable Judge Carlos Mauricio Pérez, co-drafter and editor of the Manual, made a presentation about the judicial aspects related to requesting collaboration to Internet service providers.

During the workshop, Mr. Daniel Clegg, Sr. Police Advisor, of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), of the United States Embassy in El Salvador, made a presentation on the procedures that law enforcers should follow on investigations that involve digital evidence.

In addition, Mr. Orlando Quijano, Chief of the International Technical Advisory Unit, of the Supreme Court of Justice, developed a presentation on his Unit's functions and procedures. Furthermore, Mr. Jaime Cruz, Chief of the International Legal Affairs Unit of the Attorney's General Office, presented the experiences and challenges that El Salvador face when requesting overseas collaboration on law enforcement and judicial matters.

The Workshop was delivered thanks to the financial resources generously provided by the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of the Embassy of the United States in El Salvador under the project "Strengthening of the capacities of El Salvador National Police to effectively identify and investigate cybercrime cases", which is being implemented by UNODC Global Programme on Cybercrime in El Salvador.