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UNODC Strengthens University Programs in Prisons in Panama

Under Project PANZ59 "Consolidating prison reform improvements in Panama", with the support of the US Embassy in Panama, UNODC has donated equipment for the second University Annex in prisons in Panama, which has been recently opened in El Renacer prison. This Annex of the University of Panama offers a Bachelor of Law for 30 men deprived of their liberty, and a Technician in Computing, which involves the participation of 25 prisoners.

Furthermore, UNODC has acquired an additional container for the University Annex in the CEFEREĀ“s prison in order to increase the chances of study of women prisoners. Since its opening in 2013, more than 180 women have been benefited. Among the courses offered are: Technician in Community Development with emphasis on promotion and organization, Technician in English Communication with emphasis in call centers, Technician in Clothing and Fashion, and Technician in Historical Cultural Tourism.

With these initiatives UNODC aims to strengthen and increase the university education offered to prison population, raising their academic and cultural level, thus promoting their social reintegration.

Finally, UNODC has acquired equipment for the General Inspectorate of the Directorate of the Penitentiary System in order to strengthen the capacities of prison staff in the prevention, detection, investigation and response to corruption in prisons.