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UNODC supervises transfer of prisoners in Panama

At the request of the Ministry of Government and the General Office of the Prison System (DGSP) of Panama, the United Nations Regional Office for Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean (UNODC ROPAN) accompanies and supervises the transfer process of 1100 prisoners from David's prison to the new penitentiary located in Llanos del Icaco, province of Chiriquí.

In order to carry out the transfer, the General Office of the Prison System received the collaboration of several public security agencies and the Ombudsman's Office and Judges inspected the operation.

UNODC has participated in the transfer of prisoners and the occupancy of the new prison, supervising and advising the prison authorities in order to ensure compliance with international standards on the treatment of people deprived of their liberty, in particular those relating to transfers and searches of detained individuals.

The new prison has a capacity for 950 prisoners, distributed along 12 pavilions, as well as classrooms, visiting areas (for family and partner), sports courts and a fully equipped auditorium. In addition, it has an industrial kitchen, a laundry, a general and dental clinic, two markets, rooms for staff, a chapel and a building for administrative offices. To facilitate the visits, a public bus route has been established for family members and those who require it. 

UNODC will continue supporting the occupancy process and providing technical assistance to strengthen the internal inspection mechanisms of the DGSP in order to ensure compliance with the Nelson Mandela Rules in the management of the new prison. To facilitate this activity, UNODC and the DGSP will use the "Checklist for Internal Inspection Mechanisms" developed on the basis of the Nelson Mandela Rules. For more information, please visit: