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UNODC supports international course on prison updates in the framework of the new criminal process

The Ministry of Government, through the General Office of the Prison System and the Prison Training Academy, with the support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, organized a three-day course on "Prison Updates and Adversarial Criminal Justice System" which brought together more than 120 participants, including prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges and prison officers from Panama and abroad. The event was attended by the Ministers of Justice of Costa Rica and Ecuador.

The aim of the International Course was to publicize the phases of the Adversarial Criminal Justice System (SPA in Spanish), in line with Human Rights standards and their impact in the ​​deprivation of liberty, as well as the progress and good practices implemented in the region.

The coordinator of the UNODC prison team gave a speech about the importance of the Nelson Mandela Rules and the Bangkok Rules and stressed the importance of ensuring a prison management in accordance with Human Rights and a gender perspective.