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UNODC-WCO Container Control Programme partnership with the Private Sector to deliver specialized training on illicit trade

Panama, 24 June 2020. In line with the CCP's objective of enhancing close cooperation between the public and the private sector, the UNODC-WCO CCP Programme delivered specialized training on illicit trade.

This training was specifically designed to address the risks and threats arisen from the current situation of COVID-19 regarding specific illicit such as counterfeit goods and the contraband of tobacco.
During the training, private sector representatives delivered a presentation of the legal framework for the protection of Intellectual Property Rights from regional and national perspectives. In addition, a wide range of globally well-known brands participated in different sessions on how to identify counterfeiting products. Representatives from all these companies shared practical examples of cases that they are facing under current COVID-19 circumstances.
The Deputy Director of Customs in Panama together with a representative from the Ministry of Health of Panama delivered a session on the illicit trade of tobacco. National authorities shared with the trainees its experience, knowledge, and work on the Protocol for the Elimination of Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products.
In the last two months, the Port Control Units in Panama have seized more than 70 million cigarettes illegally trafficked.