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UNODC and El Salvador PNC Cooperate in Preventing Internet-Facilitated Crimes

UNODC, in coordination with the Cybercrime Unit of El Salvador National Civil Police (PNC), has delivered a series of talks in the Department of San Vicente, El Salvador. The talks are focused on children, adolescents, parents and teachers in order to raise awareness about the threats that minors face when using information and communication technologies (ICTs), particularly social networks and mobile applications.

These talks took place on June 30 th and July 23 th and 28 th , in the context of the support that UNODC provides to the National Civil Police in strengthening law enforcement capacities in preventing and fighting cybercrime.

485 children and adolescents, as well as 79 parents and teachers, have been sensitized through workshops focused on internet threats, such as grooming, cyberbullying or sextortion, and the way to prevent becoming a victim of these crimes. In this sense, audiovisual material was elaborated to illustrate the way different crimes are committed in the internet; laws that criminalize these offenses in El Salvador; recommendations on prevention for children, parents and teachers; and, channels to report crime to the Police.

These prevention talks are an important channel of communication between PNC and the public, through which progress is made in the objective of raising population's awareness on cybercrime.