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UNODC's support and coordination with Crime Stoppers, Airline Ambassadors and the Government of El Salvador have established a training exercise to help be more conscious of the illegal trafficking of migrants and the dealing of humans, in El Salvador. 15th of May 2018. 

At the mark against the dealing of humans, that has come about in the country, Crime Stoppers, Airline Ambassadors, the governments of El Salvador and Guatemala and the office of the UNODC for the region of Central America and Caribbean (UNODC ROPAN), have brought forward a training exercise called Prevention and Sen-sibilization against the dealing of humans, in El Salvador and Guatemala. The days 15th, 16th, and 17th of May 2018, counting with the participation of hotel, motels, and hostels, the company UBER from various countries, private plane charter companies, and people that work in the sector public transportation are participating for the prevention of human trafficking.

Within the event, the participation of nationals guiding others within their countries to allow them to view the process of the work being done for the prevention of human trafficking.

The purpose of this program is to inform and provide a better understanding for the sector of tourism of El Salvador and Guatemala, which is how to make the public aware, through the platforms provided to make others alert.

The spreading of the event on hand through communication stressed giving the importance in realizing its about the illegal trafficking of migrants and humans, finally identifying possible cases about the general public such as factory workers, or workers from touristic sites.

UNODC firmly believes in the work coordinated within participating governments, civil society and international organisms in the fight against human trafficking and migrants