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Webinar for the National Anti-Money Laundering Prevention Day 2023

Panama, October 31, 2023. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, in collaboration with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), an entity attached to the Presidency of the National Commission of Banks and Insurance in Honduras, and the Financial Investigation Unit of the Attorney General's Office of El Salvador, organized a webinar for the National Anti-Money Laundering Prevention Day, focusing on topics related to virtual assets.
The opening ceremony featured the participation of Sylvie Bertrand, the regional representative of UNODC for Central America and the Caribbean; Carlos Pave Tolosa, director of the Financial Analysis Unit of Chile, and Ana Virginia Samayoa, deputy prosecutor for Financial Investigation at the Attorney General's Office of El Salvador.
In her remarks, Bertrand emphasized that in the context of this crime, "we must contribute through concrete actions such as educating the general public through awareness campaigns and international cooperation, which is crucial since this crime transcends borders. Therefore, collaboration between countries is crucial for investigation and traceability."
Over 1,600 individuals from various countries in Central America and the Caribbean connected to the virtual event. Mónica Mendoza, head of the UNODC Country Office in Honduras, presented the content of the social media campaign titled "United in Vision, United in Action," which was endorsed by preventive, control, and enforcement entities throughout the region.
The campaign's concept is based on identifying a clear vision of the problem and the corresponding action aimed at reducing or mitigating the inherent risks through the collective efforts of all stakeholders in the preventive and punitive systems of our countries.
Juan Cruz Ponce, Deputy Executive Secretary of GAFILAT, addressed terrorism financing, while Alejandra Jiménez, head of the Strategic Analysis Unit of the UIF of El Salvador, discussed warning signs in the use of virtual assets. This topic has garnered significant interest in implementing money laundering prevention mechanisms.
Oscar Cárcamo, head of the Strategic Analysis Unit of the UIF of Honduras, spoke about extortion through electronic wallets.